Top 5 Places to Shop for Father's Day!

Top 5 Places to Shop for Father's Day!

We are back with our routine installment of the Portsmouth Top 5! This time it’s for the Dads, typically every year they get the shaft in the gift department, but this year we’ve done all the research for you! Without further ado here are the top 5 places to shop for Dad for Father’s Day on Sunday.

Vandervorts Ace Hardware

How many times have you “borrowed” and/or broken tools from your old man? If that’s the case hit up the go to hardware store in Portsmouth. In 1907 George Vandervort opened a small building wholesale store on the corner of Gallia St. and Offnere St. in Portsmouth called Portsmouth Supply. That store was soon named Vandervort's Supply and has been the best place to get tools for dad over 100 years. The staff is friendly, knowledgable, and very helpful. Don’t just get Dad a roll of ducktape and a flathead - step up your game this year and get him a badass knife and/or drill.

Rich TV

All Dads love electronics, especially TVs. There is NO better place in Southern Ohio to get electronics, appliances, and high fives than Rich TV. Family owned and operated Rich TV prides themselves on their selections and more importantly their service. These guys rock - even Jesse!

Gift Certificate for a Nap

This one is a freebie. Just hand write a simple note that awards Dad a 2 hour uninterrupted nap. This one would literally be priceless.

Doc Spartan

This Shark Tank company put together a custom/limited edition bundle that Dad will love. All products are in a custom Father's Day box including:

Doc Spartan Invader Coffee - This special roast by Invader Coffee is a Viennese Blend that combines Central and South American dark roasts for a distinct richness with a smooth acidity in the finish.

My Dad - My Rock Mug - a 30oz steel Tumbler featuring Chuck Norris, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and a Dad graphic. This bad boy will keep the coffee hot and beer cold.

Coffee Soap - scientifically formulated to guarantee that ole Mom will be giving ole Dad what he wants for Father's Day.

Coffee Scrub - Dad won't know what it is - that's where ole Mom provides hands on instruction.

Skull Bottle Opener - After using the soap and scrub, ole Dad will need a cold one. That's where this custom skull bottle opener comes into play.

Better grab them while you can. Only 50 of these custom gift boxes are available for a limited time.

3rd & Court:

Damn straight we are shameless when it comes to promotion, but we guarantee ole Dad will love any of the new tees from the Summer Collection, our hats, and/or koozies. All you need to do is swing by the store anytime before 5pm this week and snag one of these super comfy tees for your Dad.

To all the Dads out there we salute you!