We are the River Rats - people who work hard - laugh harder - and love the hardest. 


We are the mascots to the comeback city. 


This is our town and we’re refusing to sit on the sidelines for the biggest game of our generation. 


At the flood of ‘37 the people of Portsmouth had one another’s back and now over 80 years later we building the levee back to stop the flood of despair. 


We are filling sandbags with hope, action, ownership, and initiative.  


You’ve got two options:


Stay in your house and watch the water rise

Join your neighbor - get your hands dirty and start filling sandbags. 


20 years from now your children will ask what you did. 


Will you tell them you sat up in the stands?


Or will you tell them that you were on the winning team for Portsmouth’s greatest comeback. 


Join the Comeback City...